Keyboard pop up appearing every time I use the pencil tool

  • 30 November 2023
  • 2 replies

Hello, I use miro on my pc with a Wacom One board and pen. Since around the middle of november a keyboard popup has begun appearing every time I use any of the ‘pencil’ tools (pen, highlighter, eraser) selecting them with the Wacom pen. It dosn’t happen using the mouse. Is this an update or a bug? How do I disable this option? I’m constantly closign the popup and it’s very annoying and distracting. Thanks,

Serena Bucelli

2 replies

It happens the very same to me.  I’ve installed Ad Block to prevent this annoying pop up window but it keeps on popping and popping.  By 2024 it Miro doesn’t fix it, I’ll switch to some other board.

Hello. I had the same problem. I disabled the Touch keyboard service.

On the windows search, search for services, scroll to find the service called  “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel service”, right click on it and disable it. You need to reboot.

If you don’t really need the touch keyboard, it’s easier to disable it than to search for a miro free alternative.