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  • 16 December 2021
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In the past few days I had to get a new computer and I am having serious issues using Miro.

When I write with the pen the board moves to another location frequently (numerous times within a minute) also when writing on an image the image often moves and also not all pen strokes seem to be registered. 

I have tried changing the navigation from touchpad to mouse to touchscreen with no improvement.

I think the problem seems to present itself when the fingers on my writing hand (left hand) hit the page. I have been using Miro for months and this was never a problem before. I do not think it is a reasonable solution to hover my hand carefully above the page. This has been what I have been forced to do short term as an emergency but it is not sustainable it has also slowed me down exponentially.

I did contact Miro around 24 hours ago but so far I have not had a response so I am asking here.

My computer 

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 

windows 10

1 reply

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Hi @jamesm!

Thank you for reporting the issue! 🛠

We have found your ticket and it appears that one of our agents has been keeping you in the loop via email! 📧 

Please check your inbox to stay updated! 🙏