Jira Cards - individual user credentials

  • 20 December 2021
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This article talks about using user credentials for Jira Cards to integrate with Miro:


The section “How to enable individual Jira credentials for Jira Cards?” suggests I should see an “Open Settings” button:



However, In my settings for Jira Cards, I do not see this button.  It looks like this:


This is the screen to configure Jira access the soon-to-be-deprecated way, yes?  

Am I missing a step to enable the “Open Settings” button to enable Individual user credentials for Jira Cards?


Thanks for any help, it is appreciated.


1 reply

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Hi @Kelly Sieben!

Thank you for addressing this question!

Indeed, there are two flows for setting up the Jira cards integration:

  • As I understand, you are setting up Jira Cards for your account now for the first time, right? If so, then individual Jira credentials for users have been enabled by default, so you don’t need to enforce them by clicking the Open settings button. And therefore, no button. :) 
  • If you were trying to configure the integration that had been registered before August 26, 2021, then you would be able to enforce individual Jira credentials by clicking the Open settings button. 

Hope this helps! 🙏✨