Issue - boards are loading but not tools

  • 9 November 2023
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Hello everyone,


I have recently an issue since a couple of days.

I am using free version of Miro, done 3 dashboards, all having same issue. I am accessing from firefox browser - I have disabled all the Add block, track me not, etc for Miro.

The content of the dashboards (my work) are loading normally but none of the toolbar / dashboard tabs which seems to keep loading forever. So I can’t acces them, modify and work on it. I can only zoom in and use the hand to move (there might be shortcuts but I don’t know them).

Does anyone had this issue? Any idea if it is a bug/access issue?

I have tried to copy the boards but all same issue. Miro Status seems ok.

Joinning a capture so you can see what i mean,

thanks for your help






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