Is there a way to disable automated Miro Board Thumbnail icons / clip art?


Does anyone know if there is a way to permanently disable auto populating Miro board thumbnails with clip art?

This is a fairly new feature and It’s not working for me. The icons are childish, IMO, and the icons have zero relevance to content and therefore aren’t helpful. I would prefer the legacy generic soft gray placeholder thumbnails to the new icons. Also, it’s an extra step now for me because I have to manually remove or replace these with the old icons every time I create a new board—until I’m ready to create a meaningful content capture image.

If turning off this feature is not doable, I recommend to Miro team to review this feature and find out if customers actually wanted this feature in the first place. 


Thanks, M.


Boards with auto-filled thumbnail icons (current Miro default)
Boards with placeholder thumbnail icons (legacy Miro default)


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I second that, I have to manually change it. It would be better if it defaults to blank. I have all of these random thumbnails for each of my boards

Agree. I like thumbnails in general, but there need to be more selections. The best I have seen is how Notion handles this. You can use emoji and there’s almost always one that makes sense.


If you don’t have enough selection, they lose their utility as thumbnails since their job is to help you differentiate visually.