Is there a way to control the aspect ratio of an iframe embed code?

  • 26 April 2024
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I love that you can embed web content within an iframe on a Miro board, but I have a few problems. I am unsure if this is a limitation of Miro or if I am missing something.

I started by trying to embed a widget from my CodePen sandbox, and it generally works. However, the aspect ratio locks at 16:9. I have made several attempts with different iterations of the <iframe> tag. I have even tried pasting the naked URL into Miro’s embed code field.

I also sampled numerous random URLs of simple web pages to see what would happen, and each attempt resulted in a generic 16:9 box with a default thumbnail image. I cannot change the aspect ratio of that embedded iframe. Every single one of them locks at 16:9.

Sometimes, the thumbnail image represents the content from the embedded link. Usually, it displays the generic thumbnail image.

No matter what, every single iFrame embed I attempt has a locked aspect ratio of 16:9.

There is a definite use case to allow a user to create an embedded iFrame that is not 16:9.


Is there a solution to this that I am not aware of?


Thanks to anyone who can help!

2 replies

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Hi @ClassyUX 

Well, there is a workaround, but you are not going to like it.

If you can create an image of whatever website you are trying to apply, then using a tool like PowerPoint you can adjust the image to your liking. You could even crop it to a shape, like something round instead of a box. Then you can then paste that image into Miro, and add a hyperlink to the original site.

See, I told you you would not like it - but it could potentially work, depending on your specific needs!


Thanks for the suggestion. That is what I ended up doing. I just assembled a collage of images (from screenshots) of the site I was trying to embed. Then, I added a link to it under those. The way Miro handles links is also pretty terrible, but it is the best workaround I could use for now. Maybe Miro will offer the ability to turn a shape into a button or a hotspot.