Is it possible to span a card across multiple columns in a table?

  • 1 December 2022
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I’m using a table for my roadmap board and I’m looking for a way span cards across multiple columns. When I try to resize a card, the column resizes with it. I don’t want to merge cells, I only want specific cards to span across more than one column. Is it currently possible?



2 replies

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@Szymon Nowak -

I’ve only been able to do this by increasing the size of the card outside of the table and then dropping it into the table, very carefully 🙂 (see below). My belief is that the moment it becomes associated with a cell, then the cell’s dimensions will change to accommodate it so the trick is to drag and drop it in place before it gets linked to a specific cell.


It works! I haven’t though of this :) Thank you so much!