Invoicing for Team with less than 10 members

  • 30 April 2020
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Hi dear, 

since our Miro cost will be charged on a financed project, we would need to clearly track all expenses, providing invoices and proofs of payment. So I was wondering how invoicing would work for a 9 members team (knowing that self-serve invoicing is available just for 10+  team):

  • Will I (as team admin) receive anyway an invoice from Miro or not? If not, how the payment process would happen?
  • The post-payment invoice will be still available also for our (small) team?

Thank you!



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Hi @Francesca

When you purchase a subscription online with a credit card, the invoice is sent to your email address immediately after the charge. You can also set an email address for all further billing-related emails in the Billing settings > Overview > Billing actions. Besides, admins can see and download all post-payment invoices in the Billing settings.

I hope this information is helpful!