Inquiry About Advanced Search Capabilities in Miro

  • 17 April 2024
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Dear Miro Support Team,

I am currently utilizing Miro for managing various projects and often need to search for specific terms within my boards. I am trying to find instances where two separate terms appear in the same board, regardless of their proximity to each other.

Could you please inform me if there is a way to perform a search that allows for locating multiple terms independently within the board content? Specifically, I am looking for functionality akin to a boolean "AND" search, where the search results include all entries that contain both terms, not necessarily next to each other.

If such a feature is currently not available, could you provide guidance on any potential workarounds or let me know if there are plans to include this feature in future updates?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

1 reply

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@Jürgen Sattmann - All I can think of is that you could explore using Super Search + regular expressions to search for two different strings (note: you would have to do this from on the each board).

I think there may be a small cost associated with Super Search, so you could ask the developer first if they think Super Search may work for you: