Importing and exporting

  • 28 May 2023
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   Miro is missing fundamental collaboration features to become useful, even though it is positioned as a collaboration tool.

   Without supporting vector graphics industry standard file formats to share files across teams and organizations which don’t use Miro it is impossible to effectively collaborate. It seems to me it is done on purpose to say - start using Miro instead of exporting graphics to other tools and if I’m right that is a poor strategy. Why I think so, it is because there are quite a number of requests to support different files formants and the best answers are “use what we already supported, like PDF” and because some important formats are supported for importing but not for exporting.

   Anyway, Miro needs ability to import and export such file formats as SVG, DXF, VSDX is supported for importing (thank you) but not for exporting, CDR would be nice to have. That is the very minimum and exporting should be on par with importing.


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