I want to migrate away from Enterprise

  • 11 June 2021
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My company has decided not to move forward with their enterprise Miro account.  The enterprise account is now disabled, and I never had admin rights to that account.  I want to take my boards and move them to a new single license.

How do I do that?

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@Max Dichter - I have never come across this scenario. What access do you even have now? If you are able to open the boards and are the board owner, you should be able to download a board backup (.rtb) file:

While there may be other ways to move your boards to another account, I like to suggest downloading the backup right away if you can, just in case something happens to your account/access before you have a chance to move/copy the boards to the new account.

Downloaded .rtb board backup files can then be uploaded to a new paid account.

Next Steps

For a single license, I assume you will sign up for a Consultant Plan account? And do you plan on using your same work email that was on the Enterprise Plan?