I don't see the option to change board owner

  • 16 December 2020
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I am the board owner. 

I have a free account. 

I need to transfer ownership of this board to someone else, so they can keep the board and I will eventually leave it entirely. 

I read the instructions to change owner, but I don’t see the ‘is owner’ option in the menu. 

I did invite the other members individually to the board. 

Am I missing something? 


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@marg laing -

While you can do this on paid plans via the Sharing Settings dialog, I’m not sure if this capability is supported on free plans or not as that dialog doesn’t appear to be available with free accounts.

@Robert Johnson , would you know?


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@marg laing / @Kiron Bondale - Changing board owners in the Free Plan requires an additional step before the sharing settings link will show up.

The first step is to add/invite the team member at the board level:


Now the sharing settings link is available:

And now you can make this other team member the new owner:




I have done exactly those steps, but I don’t see the same options in my view. 

I don’t see an option ‘Team’ 

And I don’t see ‘is owner’ later on. 


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@marg laing - The fact that you don’t have the “Team” option is very strange as I cannot think of or re-create any scenario where that option does not show up.

More questions for you:

What do you see when you open the board and click on Share - can you share a screenshot?

Do you see a grey box with text telling you the board is in a Free Plan?


When you open the board and then click on the the board title, does it show you as the board Owner?


While you may have a Free Plan team, is your Miro account profile a part of any other teams? This would be indicated by your seeing more than one team in your Miro dashboard, in the left-hand side vertical black board. For example, my Miro account profile is a member of nine teams:


From what I recall off of the top of my head, the only time I have not seen the “Team” option in the share settings modal window is when the board was in a Business, Consultant, or Enterprise plan and the member was only a user at the board level.


@Robert Johnson  It is strange. 

  1. when I open the board and click on Share -Do you see a grey box with text telling you the board is in a Free Plan?   No


  2. When you open the board and then click on the the board title, does it show you as the board Owner? Yes
  3. is your Miro account profile a part of any other teams? Yes, I was added to someone’s team while sharing a board. 

    thanks Marg

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Okay, it looks like the board’s Location, i.e., Team, is “marg [last name redacted]”.

From your dashboard, let’s select the Team “MT”, and then click on the team profile/gear icon:


This should take you to the Team profile page. From here, when you scroll down, does it show “Current plan: Free”?


And when you click on Active users, are you a Team Admin here?


I also note that the board you showed the screenshot of has been shared with 15 members. The only way to add members at the board level when a board resides/is located in a Free Plan team, is if those users are members of the Free Plan team where the board resides. 

Hi @Robert Johnson 
Thanks for this.

I’m not a team admin in the My Team active users. 

I am so confused. I created the board. I shared it with some colleagues and folk in another organisation. 

My one colleague then shared one of her boards with me, using a different email address, and I imagine that’s how I came to be in this team. 

The Team admin is the colleague I would like to give ownership to. 
So if I add that new email address to the board, will I be able to hand over ownership because we are in a team together? 





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@marg laing - I’ll admit, I too am getting confused! If the board you are trying to transfer ownership of is in a team that both you as the owner and your colleague are members of, I would suggest that your colleague uses the ellipsis menu for the board and selects Duplicate:


Now they will have any exact copy of the board and will be the owner of that new board.

If that doesn’t work, they could try

  1. creating a new board
  2. opening your board, right-clicking and selecting Unlock all
  3. using the Ctrl/Cmd+ A to select all objects on the board and then Ctrl/Cmd + C to copy the board’s content into their clipboard
  4. then going to the new board they created in step # 1 and using Ctrl/Cmd + V to paste their clipboard content into the new board.

If that still doesn’t work, you could take a loot at this awesome article by @Kiron Bondale which may give you some additional ideas on how to get a copy of the board to your colleague should transferring ownership fail → 6 ways to provide someone with a copy of a board you own

NOTE: Duplicating/copying board content will likely NOT include any comments on the board.

@Robert Johnson 

Thanks for this. 

I noticed that the team I”m in has two boards, and is free account too, so that means I can get the board in there. 

I am going to snooze this crazy plan til 2021. 

Thank you so much for all your troubleshooting, it’s been awesome!

Enjoy the holidays (:



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@marg laing - Happy holidays and let’s know next year if you have any more questions about this!