I can not get the Hover text to work on any of the Miro toolbars.

  • 19 January 2023
  • 15 replies

Can someone explain how to get the hover text to work on toolbar items?  It works for other applications just not on any of my Miro Boards.


15 replies

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@Sharon Bristol Morse - This is working for me in both Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and the Miro desktop app on Windows 10 and 11.

If you are using a browser, the usual culprit is a browser extension. Try an incognito/private browser window which should disable all browser extensions. If it works in incognito, then it is a browser extension. You could try disabling them all and re-enabling one-by-one to find the culprit (adblockers could be doing it).

You could also try the Miro desktop app.

It is not working in INCOGNITO window either .


Not working in desktop app either


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Have you tried:

  • disabling all browser extensions?
  • clearing your browser’s cache?
  • another browser?
  • the Miro desktop app?
  • another browser, on another computer?
  • from another network?

I did try Firefox and that did not work either. I need it on this network on this computer


  • disabling all browser extensions? - YES does not work
  • clearing your browser’s cache? - YES does not work
  • another browser? - Firefox does not work
  • the Miro desktop app? Yes does not work
  • another browser, on another computer? I need it on this computer
  • from another network? and on this network
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What happens if you open this board from an incognito window and hover over the Comment icon?


It is working for me:


I am trying to rule out the team/subscription where your boards reside.

It works on that one

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Can you create a board and put it is “Anyone with the link → Can comment” and share the link with me on here or via PM? https://community.miro.com/members/robert-johnson-304


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Some of the items in the left-vertical toolbar are not showing tooltips for me - not sure if they ever did, e.g., Shapes and Google Image Search.

Perhaps there are some code pushes happening out there in the Miroverse and we are picking up different bits from different servers.

How long has this been happening to you?

Since I started using Miro.

@Sharon Bristol Morse I am running into this same problem. I have no idea what the toolbar icons are without the hover text. However, other co-workers are not having this problem. Have you found a solution yet? Thanks.

The tooltips are working on the left side, but not on the top toolbar:


@Kristen Gerstner I still can not see any of them.  Miro had not provided a work around yet.