How to create Breakout rooms for Tasks given during a Miro Workshop

  • 11 January 2022
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I am trying to create breakout rooms within a Miro board so that I can divide the participants into smaller groups and send them to different areas of the board. 


I can read in the Miro help Center that there is suppose to be a Breakout icon/function to support this, but I simply do not have this icon in my Miro app and I cannot find any info if it is a function I have to install or similar. 

Does anyone know how I can create this type of Breakout groups? 

14 replies

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@PhilipLarenhjelm : 

Although I’m not using miro anymore I can answer your question.

In my miro high times I created a miroverse template exactly for this:

A board with different areas inside - totally linked and already to use for 

  • A group online session where you start with the whole group together and
  • send them into different sections of your board with different tasks
  • bring them together after the task is fulfilled and done

Everythings is here in this template:

Have fun with it


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@PhilipLarenhjelm -

The location of Miro’s breakout room icon might vary depending on whether you are seeing their original UI or the new one. For me, as I’m on the new UI, it is here:


@Kiron Bondale  I have seen that icon in guides, but when I look in my own Miro app I don’t seem to have the same UI nor all the functions. 

We have maxed fully paid accounts so it shouldn’t be an issue in regards to that at least. 

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@Vlada -

Looks like @PhilipLarenhjelm is not part of the beta for the Breakouts capability. As he is interested in using it, would you be able to contact him to see if it could be added for him?


@Vlada - I would also be interested in trying out the breakouts feature for teaching. Thanks


Thanks @Kiron Bondale  and @Vlada, I have now tested the Breakout rooms through the MIRO Beta and it works just the way I needed! 

So this post is now solved ! 

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Hi @Tim Lindgren 
The feature should now be enabled for you, please check :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Vlada! I see that it’s enabled. Looking forward to trying it out. 


Hi, @Vlada. I’m a colleague of @Tim Lindgren and am hoping that you might enable this feature for me too?

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Hi @Noel Ingram! The feature should be enabled for you soon (the end of this week latest). If you still don’t have access by the end of this week, please let me know 


Hi! I would love to be able to use breakout frames for an upcoming Inspect & Adapt session. Would it be possible to enable the feature for me? Thanks for any help you can provide in advance.

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Hi @ajillity 😊

Breakout frames are now available for users enrolled in the Smart Meetings beta. I’ve passed your request along to the team.

Hi @ajillity 😊

Breakout frames are now available for users enrolled in the Smart Meetings beta. I’ve passed your request along to the team.

Hi @Vlada 😀

is it still possible to enroll beta version and try smart meeting now? 

Our team needs breakout room very much and have upgraded our account,

but sadly this feature seem not available now 😢

Can you also pass this request to the team for me? thank you very much.

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Hi @lifo-ew!

Smart Meetings feature is now available for all Consultant, Business, and Education plans. So if you upgraded to one of these plans, then you should have access to Smart Meetings 🙂