How to add new full members on a yearly paid team

Hello everyone, i will appreciate your help.

I currently have the annual team license, 4 people, so I have already paid for 4 sites or licenses, and the annual plan is renewed on May 5, 2022.

However, now I need to add 2 people to the team, 1 for 3 months and the other for 4 months. I try to add them to the team with the license, however the billing calculation comes out for a much higher amount. For example, when trying to buy one  license ($ 8 / month), it turns out that the next billing will be for $ 81.67 on July 11, 2021?

I only want to buy 2 more licenses from the team, 1 for 3 months and another for 4 months. Please how can I solve it? Thank you

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@Grisel - 

Miro support will be able to help you with this type of request.

How to Contact Miro Support

I would suggest that you just copy and paste exactly what you asked here into the support form.

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Thank you @Robert Johnson !