How does excel or google sheets interact with Miro?

  • 2 August 2020
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I am thinking of integrating google sheets and wondering if anyone has had experience using with Miro.  I see that Zapier does automate certain processes (I have yet to fully experiment).  Has anyone used google sheets or excel with Miro with any success?



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12 replies

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@joah moat I have used Google Sheets (and Documents) in Miro on a number of boards and it has worked well enough for my purposes.

To get my Google Sheet embedded into a board, I

  1. Went to my Team profile page > Apps & Integrations and installed Google Drive,
  2. Created a Google Sheet in my Google Drive.
  3. In my Miro board where I wanted the sheet, from the left vertical toolbar: upload > Google Drive.
  4. This opened a window where I could search for and select the sheet I wanted to embed.

Here’s what the sheet looks like in the board (I added the logo):


To edit the sheet, you can double-click it (or single-click and select the pencil edit icon) and it opens as such for real-time editing:


As for Excel/One Drive, I tried these same steps, but when I click upload > OneDrive from within my board, a blank window opens. I have no idea why, but I don’t foresee myself using Excel online anytime soon, so I’ll troubleshoot later should that time come.

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I installed the Google Drive App, yet it does not show up in my Toolbar. Also not available in search any longer. 



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@jtk - It's actually a sub item of upload:


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Hi @jtk & @Robert Johnson 

Did anyone ever get excel to do the same as google sheets via share point, I cant get the pencil icon on excel to edit….my workplace do not approve google sheets :(

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Both Google Sheets (Google Drive) and Excel online (OneDrive) work the same - you need your Google or M365 admin to authorize the Miro/RealtimeBoard app to access your account.

You could always just put a link to your Google Drive or OneDrive document on the board, the same as you would link to any other external resource. Note, however, if you want anyone from outside of your Google or Microsoft account to be able to view or edit the document, you (or your account admin) will need to configure this on your end.

Example: I would just put this Google Sheet link on the Miro board, rather than trying to connect the Google Drive or OneDrive app:


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This is great...Thanks for the response

Hi there,

I’ve followed all the correct steps to embed a doc from google drive on my Miro Board

  1. Went to my Team profile page > Apps & Integrations and installed Google Drive,


  1. Created a Google Sheet in my Google Drive.
  2. In my Miro board where I wanted the sheet, from the left vertical toolbar: upload > Google Drive.
  3. This opened a window where I could search for and select the sheet I wanted to embed.

and that all works fine.  However, I can’t edit the document - I’ve clicked the pen and this is what I get

But I can’t edit it.  If I click on the Learn More link it just takes me to the site which tells me to uninstall and reinstall google drive etc just as I’ve done above!

I’ve got a number of Miro accounts paid and unpaid and the same thing happens on all of them so what am I doing wrong?



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@Blanche Leeding - A couple of questions:

  1. How are you using Miro - a browser or a desktop app?
  2. Is your Google account just a standard, everyday user one or are you using Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)? E.g., you sign in to Google Drive with your @work email address?
  3. What are the sharing settings of the Google Document? E.g.:
    With the above settings, only myself or people I have added to the document will be able to see and edit from the Miro board. If I changed the “Get link” to “anyone” can “edit”, then I should be able to see and edit the doc from the Miro board.


Hi Robert,

  1. I’ve tried both browser and app with all accounts and still can’t edit
  2. My google account is just a standard one.
  3. I hadn’t changed to ‘anyone with the link can edit’ so I’ve done that now and refreshed but still when I upload the doc to Miro and click on the pen I can’t change anything.

I really, really need to be able to do this for a presentation - otherwise my boss is going to insist on using another platform and it’s taken me long enough to learn this one!

Any help gratefully received.


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@Blanche Leeding

when I upload the doc to Miro and click on the pen I can’t change anything

The Google Drive integration doesn’t actually put the Google Drive files into the Miro board. Instead, think of them as a thumbnail link to Google Drive. When you click on the thumbnail on the Miro board, a modal window/popup opens and displays the document in Google Drive. Once this modal window opens, you are now in Google Drive and cannot use any Miro objects/tools, e.g., Pen.

However, you will be able to use the Pen tool (and other objects) on the Google Drive document thumbnail:


Here is what opening and editing the above Google Document looks like from a Miro board:


If you are still unable to edit a document using the Google Drive integration, a workaround would be to just paste a link to the Google Drive document on the board, just like you would like to any other website/resource.

Hi Robert,

OK, I understand now that you can’t edit in Miro itself, however even when I open up the doc whether by pasting the link or by embedding the page I still can’t do anything with the page that opens unlike your ‘test word for miro doc’ mine doesn’t allow me to add or change anything.

What do I need to do to make this work?



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@Blanche Leeding - From looking at your screenshot, I suspect that your document is likely a PDF as no editing tools appear above the document. It is my understanding that only Google Documents, Google Sheets, and Google Slides can be edited directly from the Miro board.

For other files types, you will need to go to Google Drive and see what options you have to convert them to a Google Document.

Example →

Here’s what you should in order to edit a Google Drive doc from a Miro board: