How do I create a personal team/account?

  • 13 January 2021
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Hi Miro community. I’m pretty new and I’ve looked through a bunch of threads but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this one.

I was added to a team I am consulting with by a 3rd party and signed up with my personal gmail address. Looks like they are on the free plan and they have 3 boards already.

Now I want to create my own dashboard/account/team that is separate from this other team since I am just consulting for them and want to work on things unrelated to them. The only option I see is to Create another team, but it asks me to upgrade to a paid account. When I log in to Miro, there is no personal space, just the team I am consulting with (that invited me).

Basically, I want to create a personal dashboard/team/place where I am not sharing with this other team I am consulting with. How do I create my own dashboard with a free plan and 3 private boards?



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@Varun Dhital -

You’d need to sign up (again) with a different e-mail address to do that. 


Got it. Thanks @Kiron Bondale - I was worried that might be the case.

Would it help if I left the other team, and then they re-added me later?

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@Varun Dhital -

That is certainly one option, but you may just want to create a separate account to keep things distinct.


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@Varun Dhital - If you leave the current Free Team plan and your Miro account profile is then no longer a part of any team, Miro will prompt you to create your own Free Plan team. Once you have done that, you can ask the other team to add you again. I detailed this here:

Another option is to:

  1. create another Miro account using a different email address and therefore a new Free Plan team
  2. add your current account as a member to that new Free Plan team
  3. make yourself an admin of that team
  4. then remove your newly created account user from that team - this effectively ports over the newly create Free Plan team to your current account.

You could even do this over and over, amalgamating Free Plan teams under one Miro account profile.