How can I import a template I purchased (Fabula) into Miro?

I am interested in using Miro with the Fabula storytelling template but cannot figure out how to import it.  I currently have a free account.  Do I need to upgrade my account?  If so, what do I need to upgrade it to?

I was not able to find any information about importing external templates

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@Rosario - Is this template a .rtb file? If so, this is an export of a Miro board and you would need to use the rRestore board backup feature which is only available on PID a!d Education Plan subscriptions.

Thank you for the response!  I think I figured it out.  What they sold me was a link to their template in Miro.  I found the following instructions when re-reading the purchase info

click on the top left, on the Board name and select Duplicate!

I am assuming I should be good from this point forward 😂


Thanks again!