How are you migrating comments from board to board when pasting work?

  • 20 May 2020
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Hi community,

Since copy/pasting doesn’t include comments, what’s your workaround to import all work-related comments to other boards when you have lots of them with multiple replies?

Over the years of using Miro, I’ve frequently ran into this issue when tidying up boards and looking back on it, I see that it discouraged me of doing proper centralization. Am I the only one running into this issue? It seems like this would be a core part of the workflow.

6 replies

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Why @John,

While we are waiting for a workaround from our power users, I think you can upvote this idea as it is also about exporting a board with comments. Feel free to write a comment there as well to describe your use case in more detail.

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[Edit: Found a workaround by duplicating the board and then deleting the unwanted sections. Comments traveled with when duplicating whole board]

Exporting with comments would be nice, but the issue posted above is about copying/pasting elements with comments from board to board.

Here is my use case for needing the above. As I’m collecting screenshots of the existing workflows, I’m making comments as I go for usability audit. The board started to get too big so I wanted to break it off into smaller more digestible/manageable chunks but realized that when I copy/pasted I lost all of the comments attached to the screenshots. It seems like it would be much better to copy the comments as well bc users could always go and delete them if not wanted (much easier than re-commenting). 



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This feature is very important. I often use comments as a form of “long-form writing” about a particular board element. For example, I have a sticky note with some abbreviated topic on it; I then add comments to the sticky note to explain my rationale behind the note’s existence, or to simply give more detail. Copy/pasting the sticky note--even to the same board--results in the original comments being lost.

What I’d like to see when pasting elements with comments is an option to also copy the comments. This shouldn’t be forced, but a simple UI dialog with paste options would be useful. Another shortcut may also be a way around this (e.g., CTRL-SHIFT-V).

Having this capability encourages me to 1) continue using the comments feature, and 2) to reorganize/duplicate elements and boards more freely without worrying about losing content.

Another idea is perhaps to add a new feature called “annotations” that are semantically different from comments. Comments could remain tied to an exact element on an exact board but annotations would naturally follow the element as its moved or duplicated.

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I submitted an idea here:

It’s not a full solution but I use a workaround to preserve comments while splitting a board:

  • Duplicate the board
  • Remove the parts you don’t want from each board

However, this has some limitations:

  • The dates of the comments are reset to the current date
  • This won’t allow moving comments to an existing board

Much needed one