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  • 22 June 2020
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Hi there,

I am working on a large board with 20+ frames organised all nice and neatly. I love that I can use the frames sidebar to quickly navigate between them, however when I’m zoomed out the board looks a mess as the frame titles don’t scale down (and in fact visually are just a duplicate of the text box title I put in each frame that does scale).

I would love to have the ability to toggle frame titles on or off - effectively so that they are still there as a meta for the frame (allowing me to navigate using the frames panel) but not messing up the visuals of the board.

Once I have put a properly formatted title on each frame using a text box having the frame title always visible doesn’t help at all.

Is this possible please? 


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8 replies

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@John White -

There is a somewhat related thread here about auto-scaling frame titles when you zoom out ( so you may wish to vote for that item and add your idea about hiding it to the same wish…


It’s labeled as “Solved”, so than how can I turn frame labels off?

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Agreed toggling would be very helpful.  Using frames or organize Excel output and facilitate navigation but Frame titles are confusing the board.  Would love the option to toggle on/off.




I still don’t see a solution to turn off frame names???  seems a simple enough thing...

Partly solved. (Solved if you don’t care to name the frames at all): 


when you click the dropdown > rename > “delete” so that it is empty, then hit Enter.

Luckily there is no auto-overwrite when nothing is entered for the name.

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Not solved: when you delete the frame name, the frames are no longer named in the navigation, which makes the navigation panel almost useless.

Not solved.  See above comments - all relevant.

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To everyone who commented “Not Solved”, head over to this existing enhancement request thread and vote for the feature. As of this moment it looks like the feature is not yet in place, but the more upvotes the higher the priority.

Make frame titles smaller when zoomed out | Miro

This thread was considered “Solved” when the link was posted to upvote, which makes a general sense