Hidden frames revealling automaticly (by timer?)

  • 22 December 2021
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Hello, we are creating a mini training which people can follow by themself. The training contains 7 parts (for every day 1 during one week). We want to hide 6 parts when people start at monday, but we would like to reveal the second part on tuesday automaticly. 

Because, this training starts every week. So everybody who wants to join, get a link to a bord with the training for the first monday to come. But other ones will start a week later for example on another bord so they don’t see the parts yet. This means that we have to think of revealing a frame EVERY day during a longer period which could be forgotten. We don’t want that. Somebody an idea of revealing automaticly is possible?


2 replies

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@Sessiemakers -

right now, there’s no native method in Miro to create a macro or something similar to perform an operation such as un-hiding a frame. However, it might be possible to develop something like this using Miro’s API…

@Max Harper - thoughts on this?


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The Miro platform (API/SDK) let’s you build your own Miro apps/plugins/extension. 

At the current moment one can’t exactly hide a frame (and it’s content) the way that it works with the normal UI… but we certainly can reasonably approximate it. And put It on a timer.