Hi - How a can we invite people within our company to a specific board without inviting them into our Miro team?

  • 22 February 2021
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Hi - How a can we invite people within our company to a specific board without inviting them into our Miro team? We have just moved to an enterprise licence with SSO sign in, we have a lot of boards we don't want everyone in the company having access to.

6 replies

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@Ellen Thomas - I have never used the Enterprise Plan, but do you have this option in the board Share settings in the Enterprise Plan and if so, what happens if you try to add them here, i.e., at the board level?


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Hi @Ellen Thomas 

Welcome to the Miro Online Community!

You can follow the steps shown in this documentation/guide and change the permission to view/edit/comment accordingly!

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@Robert Johnson thanks for your answer, I get the page you have shown then I get this second one. Its only giving me an option to invite them to our team when I try and add someone to a board. If they are added to our team they will have access to all our boards (I tested this they can see everything). I am an admin and can see no way to manage that from a user level. They need to be able to add to the board not just view or comment.


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Hi @Soumyadeep Mandal thanks for sharing :smiley: , I have tried these things already. I think the issue is rooted in our new company-wide licence and the predefined team that existed prior to migrating to a different licence type.

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@Ellen Thomas - Hmm.  If you haven’t already, I would suggest that you create a Miro support ticket or reach out to your Enterprise Plan Customer Success Manager.

I was reviewing the Enterprise Plan Sharing Policies Help Center article, however, I only see security policy information around Public links.

Here’s where you can find the support form link:


One workaround could be to create a new company-wide team as a “sharing team”, add everyone to that team, and ensure the default privacy for boards and projects is set to “only the board/project owner” can see. From there boards/projects could be shared with individual users. However, that seems rather tedious. In the end, one would expect to be able to share a board with anyone within your organization.

I suppose another workaround would be to turn on Anyone with the link → Can edit, add a strong password, and then share the link with someone who is not on your team.

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@Robert Johnson This is helpful thanks! I will do that, yeah I think our company must have requested to remove that link sharing feature as we used to have it and now it's gone.