Help! Text boxes forced to one part of the board when I move them

  • 7 December 2020
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When I make a new element (text box, sticky, shape, etc.) and then try to manually move that element within the frame, a blue outline appears in the top left corner of my frame and my element is “forced” to move there. I can’t place the element anywhere else on the frame unless I CTRL+C, CTRL+V with my mouse hovering over the approximate area I want the element to paste. 

This is extremely frustrating, as the same thing happens with dot voting or a group of elements - all the dots are “forced” into a long row at the top of the frame if I try to move the group as a whole!

Thank you Miro Community for any insight/help you can provide!


Best answer by Robert Johnson 7 December 2020, 18:23

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@Rose O'Brien  It sounds like the frame’s Grid feature is turned on:

If so, try changing it back to freeform.


Thank you for your response. Grid vs. Freeform is not an option on the elements I’m trying to move. See the screenshot below - these are my only options… I also unchecked “snap objects” in the settings but that didn’t fix the issue either. Thank you for your help!!

Image 1. I’ve selected the blue text box to move it, but the Miro forces it to snap into the outlined blue section. 
Image 2. The options given for the blue text box… I don’t see where to turn on/off the grid function.


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@Rose O'Brien - The freeform and grid options are Frame options. 

Click on/select the frame and look at the frame options that appear above or below the frame.

If you are set to grid, the objects will automatedly snap/align to the top-left corner of the frame.

If you are set to freeform, you can move them freely to anywhere you would like inside of the frame.



Thank you Robert!! So appreciate your time and advice. That fixed the issue.