Has the mouse navigation mode changed for new accounts?

  • 8 December 2021
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I have a couple of Miro accounts and I’ve noticed that the Mouse navigation mode behaviours differently between them.

On the newer account when using the select tool the left mouse button will drag a box I have to hold the right mouse button to pan around. On the older account left mouse pans and I have to hold shift to drag a box.

Is this a feature change?


3 replies

Looks like I’m not the only one:



I have the same problem at the moment. Since I changed the payment method on my Miro account and switched to an annual subscription, the mouse navigation has been disturbed. I have a permanent black and white finger in the lower right corner as if i would work on a tablet, even though I am working on a notebook. What can I do to get this symbol away? Because this is disturbing and the mouse would not work correctly. I can't get rid of the symbol, even if I set the mouse navigation several times in settings. Nothing helps: this superfluous symbol for tablet navigation is always on every board in my MIRO account.What can i do? 
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@Rauthgundis Reck - This behiaviour is likely related to A/B testing that Miro has been conducting on its users. You may want to add your feedback to the following post: