Frames not picking up all content

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I don’t find this issue to be solved yet.  I try removing content from a frame and then re-pasting it in the frame, but the frame edges don’t turn blue (and thus acknowledging receipt of the new object.) Is it that frames cannot be added inside of frames?

I am experiencing exactly this issue. Not with all frames though. I can’t work out where the differences are.

Hi @Lyall Shapiro,

Alyona from Miro Support is stepping in for a moment.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

The behavior you're describing was true some time ago (over 6 months), but we have released several improvements since, and now the frame created around the existing content should pick it up without any extra steps.

I just tested the frame creation flow with some basic widgets (shapes, sticky notes, images, emojis, comments) in five browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Edge) as well as our Desktop app and the result was the same in all of them. You can watch this loom where I show my experience. 

I assume you might work with more complex widgets than those I tested on. If this is the case and you can consistently reproduce this issue, would you be able to record a quick video showing the steps and share it with me as well as specifying your setup (device type and model, OS version, browser, etc.)? Thanks a lot for considering my request! I would love to help you resolve the issue, but so far can't understand what is causing it. 

With respect. Testing ‘basic widgets’ within a frame is not replicating the issue. Everyone in this thread has very explicitly described the issue as ‘frames’ within ‘frames’ not moving with the ‘parent’ frame. Your ‘test’ was actually not a test at all. I suggest replicating the scenario everyone has described and then testing.