Field: "Original estimate" is not visible on Jira cards

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I currently have the problem that the field "original estimate" from the Jira ticket is not displayed via the Jira Card on the Miro board. When configuring the add-on, I can only select "story point estimate" for estimates.

Can someone please help me at this point?

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I have the same issue, would be great to get some help as to why it’s not visible.

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@Joël Kemnitzer  / @Ben Jennings - I do not see this field either, but I have also never looked for it, so I am unsure if it was ever available/was available and was removed/is no longer supported/there is a bug/etc.

Upon review of the Jira Cards help center article, I see:

✏️ If some fields are not displayed on the board after you chose them in the picker, it means that:

  • a field doesn't have a value to be displayed on the board
  • this field is not available for the issue type (e.g.Epic name field is available to Epic issue type only)

✏️ If you can't find a field on the card fields list, it means that:


And in the Jira Cards FAQ:

Are custom Jira fields supported?  Yes, we support almost all custom fields of basic types. If you have a complex data type field, it may not be supported and cause unexpected behaviour when updating or creating Jira cards on the board.




Asking Miro Support

I would suggest that you ask the Miro support team for an official answer by opening a support ticket:


If you do open a ticket, I would suggest that you

  • please update this post with what the support team tells you
  • ask them to add the list of supported fields to a help center article to avoid users having to wonder what fields are supported or if they aren’t showing up, is it a bug or expected. 

OK thanks Robert, will do!