Export to PDF not working

  • 11 August 2020
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When I export my PDF, it looks like gibberish on blubeam. What is this and how do I correct the issue?



Best answer by Robert Johnson 12 August 2020, 00:05

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2 replies

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@Laura Bishop There have been a number of reports of PDF export’s fonts not appearing or appearing as another font face, but I don’t recall seeing anything that looks like yours does. 

Does this only happen when viewing with Bluebeam? How about Adobe Reader or Google Drive - any other reader?

If you can view it as expected on other platforms, I would suggest reaching out to Bluemeam. If it looks the same everywhere, I would suggest that you open a ticket with with Miro support.

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@Laura Bishop I should have searched the community forum first as a search for “pdf” returned this as result # 2:

PDF Export - Text Corrupted

In summary, that post indicates that it is a Bluebeam issue.