Export frame using "Export as PDF" does not include the frame name

  • 14 March 2024
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It appears with the latest update that when I go to export an entire frame, the title of the frame that I provided is no longer included in the exported file name. 

Can we bring this back?? Was really helpful...when i needed to rename, i at least had the basis of what i was starting from.


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4 replies

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@Grace Wynn - One question I have is: Which option were you choosing when exporting: As PDF or Image/Vector(PDF)?

For example, I just tested from a browser and from the Miro desktop app and when exporting a frame using Export as image (both JPG and PDF) the file name still contains the frame name:





Hi I’m having the same issue. Exporting a frame as PDF does not include the frame name although exporting as an image does (screen shot below). What would be even more useful is if the frame name is also included in the exported image.


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@Sarina Salim - I am seeing the same behaviour in that the frame not is not present when I select a frame and use the Export as PDF action.

I have opened a support ticket and will update this post as I hear back from the support team.

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The Miro support team has confirmed that the absence of the frame name when using the Export as PDF is expected behaviour:

  1. When you export a frame as an image → it generates a file with board_name + frame_name, just as shown in the picture posted in the community post; see below.
  2. When you export a frame as a PDF → it will generate a file with the board_name only.

The team is aware of this behavior, and there are no immediate plans to change it. 
Let me know if you have additional questions!


The only way it is possible to automatically include the frame name in a single-frame exported PDF, is to use the Export as imagevector option: