DPI of the board, can it be changed? is the grid in Inches?

  • 18 August 2020
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When creating Design boards, we are coming across an issue with scale of an object/file dropped into the board.   Ultimately we want to keep the scale of the object/file all the same.  One person’s 10”x10” jpeg, at 300 dpi file is coming in differently then someone else’s.  Do boards have a measurement associated with the grid in the background?  If I want to make a, true to scale-10 inch square, in the board- can that be done?  What is the dpi for the board and can that be changed? 

Thank You in advance for help on this issue.

2 replies

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Hi @Jill DeRocher,

This question is quite specific, so I’ve converted it to a support ticket. The team will get back to you with a reply via email.

Thank you for your understanding! 


I’m having the same question. 

I’d like to design a poster on miro A0 in 300dpi for print. Is this possible?