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  • 6 May 2020
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Hi all,

When signing up for a trial I was presented a list of teams already on my company domain. As I didn't want to join those I created a new team. Now I wanted to have a look at the team list again but there is no way to find that. How can I discover what other teams exist on our domain?




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5 replies

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@Joost -

Unless you are your Company Administrator for Miro or have been added by Team Administrators to other teams, I don’t believe you would be aware of the existence of other teams. 


Thanks @Kiron Bondale ; We don't have a company license (yet) but have multiple teams trying out the software. I saw that when registering the first time. In this case, who would be the company administrator? Is that the first person on a domain to set up a team?

Thanks for your help.

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@Joost -

Are you still on a free plan or have you upgraded to one of the paid plans? My assumption is it would be the initial person from your domain who signed up but I’m not sure how things work in this regard when you are on the free plan.

In our case, we are on the Consultant plan, and yes, it was the initial user who registered that was set up as the company administrator. We have different teams created, but there was an initial team when the first person signed up. From its profile I am able to see the other teams regardless of whether we are on them or not.

I click on ‘Company’ and it shows me:

I am only a member of three of the teams listed, but I can see the others. 

My boss had granted me Company Administrator access as well so it is possible that my ability to see teams which I am not part of is because of that access.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @Kiron Bondale , very useful. We've not upgraded yet and I don't have that Company view. That will probably explain why I cannot see any of the other teams. Will try to find out whether we do have a company administrator...

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Hey @Joost,
I’m late to the party, but I wanted to say that the functionality you describe is currently only possible on the Enterprise Plan -

As for other plans, we have this idea in the backlog as well.