Day Passes in the Enterprise Edition

  • 26 October 2020
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Are DayPasses included in the Enterprise version?
(according to Yes)


are they contained in unlimited quantities?
What is the definition of "external editor"?


We intend to change from the "Team" plan to the "Enterprise" plan, and I would be interested to know if all users need a license or if a part of it can be solved by "Day passes 

2 replies

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As far as I know, day passes are available in the Enterprise plan. We are in the Consultant plan which has them.

With day passes, it is a pay as you go approach - one pass per user per day, and it provides full edit access. However, if the same user will be using boards for more than a few days in a month, you’d be better off licensing them as a normal full access account OR investigating the Anonymous Guest Editor access (which is free).


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@helsana lizenzmanagement - Miro needs to curb their definitions as on the pricing page they state:

"Day passes for occasional collaborators"

and the bullet point immediately following that states:

"External editors" with tooltip text → "Identified users that have full editing rights on all boards shared with them for the duration of the Day Pass."


Here’s a summary (words in bold are the license type I see in my Consultant Plan dashboard):

  • Full license user - a team member whom you are paying for on a scheduled basis, just like the rest of the team.
  • Occasional collaborator/External editor - consuming a Day Pass (these users are capable of having the same rights as normal team members).
  • Guest Editor
    • Someone who is no way associated with your team or boards and is accessing a board of which the share settings are configured as: Anyone with the link → Can edit.
    • A Miro account is not required to be a Guest Editor, however, if the person does not have a Miro account, the word “Guest” will show up beside their cursor - this is commonly referred to as “Anonymous Guest Editor”.
    • Guest Editors do not have the same capabilities on a board as Full or Occasional license holders - see the Collaboration with Anonymous Guest Editors help center article for more info.

Some help center articles that may provide more clarity: