Copy “Locked by board owner” frames on Dell

  • 16 November 2020
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Copy “Locked by board owner” frames on Dell

We created a Miro board with standard frames we all need on a daily basis.

We used the “only I can unlock”/”locked by board owner” function to prevent other people to mess up the board. This was perfect for us, since everyone was still able to copy frames by clicking on the side of the frame and hitting CTRL+C.

This worked fine for a while, but recently people working on Dell started to complain. They can’t copy the frames anymore (it did work before). Neither as a guest nor when logged in. Neither on desktop app nor on browser.

I know there’s still another way to get frames (from the shared template library), but we invested quite a lot in this board so we’d really like this to work (still). Who can help me out?

2 replies

Update: the problem doesn’t seem to be only on Dell (anymore?)… it’s a general problem now.

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Hi @Lennert Decuypere,

I’ve converted your post into the support ticket so that the team can investigate the case. They will get back to you via email.