Copy existing boards in to a project

  • 19 July 2021
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how can I copy an existing board (All boards) in to new project/folder?
Example: All boards BJB copy/move to Projects BJB Konzept. 

Thanks for helping.



5 replies

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You can send a board to any project or account under your authority by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the board (All Boards screen). If you would like to boards to live in more than once place you can duplicate them also by clicking the three dots. 

Thanks a lot Thomas.


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@Reid Thomas / @Sinan Sertkayali - One little tidbits for y’all:

You can right-click anywhere on a board from the dashboard rather than using the ellipsis menu - I just recently discovered this after years of using the three dots!

Another way to add one (or all) boards to a Project:

  1. Open the project
  2. click on Add boards
  3. Use the All action:

If you want to copy all boards to a new project, if’s as @Reid Thomas said - you will have to Duplicate the boards as they can only reside in one project at a time - Gmail got it right a long time ago with Labels ;)

If you want to move the boards from one project to another, e.g., move all boards from Project A to Project B, either use the method above and open Project B and add the desired boards - or if project B has no boards to start with, delete it and rename Project A to Project B.



I don’t see “Add boards” option under project. Only option is “New board” Looks like all the options discussed may existed in the past but can’t find them anymore. Can someone tell me how to add an existing board to a miro project. It should be implicit in the UI i am guessing but either i don’t see it or Miro hasn’t made it explicit


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@Trishia Singla - Try clicking the project name: