Consultant plan downgrade leaves only 3 Miro-created boards editable

  • 27 September 2021
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I was paying for a consulting plan. Miro at some point created several boards itself, in an ‘Explore Miro’ project it also created itself, to give an overview of the plan.

I cancelled my plan and downgraded to the free plan, which keeps 3 boards editable.

Only the 3 most recently created Miro boards can be edited -- any board I actually created is now view-only.


Is there any way to instead get 3 of the boards I created editable under the free plan?


1 reply

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@AgileExponent - As per the Free Plan help center article:


That being said, you could Duplicate any view-only board which should result in the duplicated board being the most recently created board and therefore making it editable.

To maximize board usage on a Free Plan, you would also copy-and-paste multiple boards into one.

It’s also worth noting that any boards that had their “team” access set to “No access” when they were a part of the Consultant Plan will now show as “locked” - you can read more about this (and how to unlocked them) in the The board is locked help center article.