Connection lines keep moving

  • 4 October 2021
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When I create a connecting line between two shapes and try and move the dog leg line, on saving it snaps back to the default location. How can I stop this happening so when the document saves the lines actually resemble what I was trying to draw…. it’s absolutely infuriating!

7 replies

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@Lee Harrison Mellor -Have you had a read through the Connection Lines Help Center article?

Perhaps you can share a video of the unexpected behaviour? Loom is free and and quite easy to use.

I have this problem too. There isn’t much to show in a video. When you leave the board and come back some connection lines are no longer following the path where they were set. The connections are the same but the path between them usually seems to have moved to the shortest path between the items being connected. On a complex diagram it can cause it to be unreadable.

I had this same issue. I spaced everything out, and the lines stopped snapping to weird positions on refresh. This seems to be an issue with the proximity of the lines to each other.

Same problem for me. I want to wireframe a chart. I’m using connection lines for the axes and simulated line graph. Once drawn, it’s near impossible to drag around while keeping the shape.

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There is a Major Bug with Connection Lines @Boris Libeert where when added they cannot be Copied (Ctrl + C & Ctrl +v) Duplicated (Alt + Drag or Alt + Arrow or Duplicate Menu Command). What will happen is the Copied Line will flash and disappear. However, if you are quick enough and can Drag the End Connector and Snap it to an Object the Line appears and stays. Also, when Panning and Zooming it looks as if there a hundreds of Lines in Cached that are not displaying on the Board. I fear that when Miro Updates next there will be a million Connection Lines orphaned in space.

I also found if there are any Lines within a Group Selection it will cause the Copy/Duplicate Command from executing.

Cc: @Robert Johnson 

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@Brandon Lee - I was able to do the following on Windows 11 in Chrome and the Miro desktop app.

In the GIF, I did Ctrl-C/V, then Ctrl-D, and then Alt-arrows.


The steps I am taking above may work find for you, too, as your scenario/conditions are likely different than mine. So, I think it will help if you could record a video (e.g., Loom, YouTube) and walk the Community through your steps and your setup (OS, browser, desktop app, versions, etc.).

Maybe something you share in your steps will provide further insight.  Feel free to post the video here (Loom and YouTube will embed nicely, or like to a video in Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) and I will convert your reply into a support ticket.

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@Brandon Lee I have informed the product manager for lines about this.