Connection lines in BPMN template

  • 28 November 2022
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I had been working on a diagram with a BPMN template until recently I have encountered an issue: I am unable to add connection lines in this template. If one of the shapes that need connecting is outside the template, there is no problem but when both are inside that’s when it occurs. I’ve tried different browsers, incognito windows, duplicating boards, reloading, waiting, using another account, creating a new BPMN diagram, nothing helps. Does anyone know what to do to fix it? Thanks

3 replies

I have the exact same problem. But it is also dependend on the board. This error doesn’t occur on every board. Haven’t found a solution yet.

Same issue here, I eventually created a custom template but would be handy if the issue with BPMN template can be fixed.

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@Sebastian Rohring, @Elena Volkova & @Reeti Bhargava 

Assuming the BPMN template uses the swimlane object, it might be related to this known bug here: