Confluence Datacenter known issues?

  • 21 January 2021
  • 3 replies

I’m aware that there is is no Datacenter specific integration available at the moment but am curious if there are any known issues with running the server version on Confluence Datacenter?

3 replies

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Hi @Carl Elliott,

If I understand your question correctly - there’s no such document with known issues with Confluence. All issues are individually handled by the Support Team when you report them. 

You can check out the integration details in the article - Confluence Plugin.

I have the same question. I am working to help set up a S&P 500 company with Miro and they only use Data Center Atlassian products. It would be helpful to know if the Server version works on Data Center without any major issues.


It would also be helpful to know where in the backlog explicitly supporting Data Center is? (re: this post:  

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Hi @Carl Elliott @Nic Byron,

Good news! The Miro plugin for Confluence, which enables you to embed live boards in your pages, is now available for Confluence Data Center :tada: