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  • 20 April 2020
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Hi all, 

I love miro, we are working with this tool really often as Trainers / Coaches. So we invite guest members often. Sometimes the “follow”-button via the shortnames doesn't work for them. is there any way to collect one or more people on the board to bring them to another place? like clicking on one name and move this name to a different frame?


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3 replies

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@Anja Möschler -

If you use the Share Screen capability and the people “join” your share then they will see what you are doing, but as far as being able to manually relocate someone to a different part of the canvas I don’t think there’s any native way to do this in Miro.

What I’ve done is to identify key “landmarks” in my Canvas and will then as everyone to “meet” me there. If those “landmarks” are visually distinctive then it is usually pretty easy for participants to reasonably quickly “join” me.


Hi Kiron, 

Thanks for your quick reply. We did the landmarks as well and in most cases they worked and are fun! in some cases they did not work. As well as the little “follow” buttons n the Headlines. That's why we asked ourselves if there is another way to relocate someone as the facilitator without the Share Screen-Mode.

Thanks :-)



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@Anja Möschler,

I’m sure you already know, but I just want to leave it here - now the functionality you are after is available with the Attention Management features :blush: