Chromebook issue

  • 6 December 2021
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I have an Asus Chromebook 314, and when I load Miro, it goes into portrait mode, and I see no obvious means to change it to landscape mode. Has anyone else run into this, and is there a fix?..




2 replies

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Hi Richard! 

Great question, thanks for your post! :grinning:

I’m just double-checking this and will get back to you asap! :rocket:

Thanks for your patience! 

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Hi Richard!

Eva here with an update: Unfortunately, this is a known issue. The good news is that our developers are aware of it and solving this issue has been taken to their backlog!:star2:

In order for your input to reach our developers, we have converted your post into a support ticket.

For the time being, we would like to advise you to use Miro's Browser version as a workaround.

Another to possible way to avoid this seems to be to keep the window floating, not maximized, would you mind giving this a try?

Thanks so much for sharing and if you ever have any more questions, please make sure drop us a line!:pencil2: