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  • 23 June 2020
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Im have a free account. Im get guest view in some boards.

How i can SENT request for invintation to gat right??

I cant see nothing in help and no about automatic (from miro) “requet for invitation”

Can i only must write personal email to owner of board??


Best answer by Michael Sohn 23 June 2020, 09:16

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4 replies

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Hi @Dmitry_P,

If you’d like to be invited to a board, you’ll need the owner of the board to invite you.


Michael Sohn

Hi, @Michael Sohn 


But how I can make it? I saw no button or another method to send a request from inside the Board.

Can I ONLY must write personal email (or  another way to link to it is NOT in miro?) to owner of board?? 


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Hi @Dmitry_P,

If I’m correct, I don’t think you are able to request to be invited to a board in Miro. You are only allowed to invite and share your board with others.

So, you’d need to personally reach out to the owner of the board so that s/he could invite you.

I hope that helps!

Michael Sohn

Hi @Michael Sohn 

It looks like it is..  Thank You!