Can you delete chat?

  • 10 August 2020
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I know you can delete chat comment that is yours but can you clear all chat comments? 



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Hi @sim panaser,

I don’t know of a way to delete all comments, but you can definitely hide them or quickly find specific comments you want deleted. We might be able to help further if you provide more context as to the exact scenario you are facing. Here are a few things that might help.

On the bottom menu, you can view all comments on your board in a side menu by clicking the Comments button. In here, at the bottom of the menu, there is a Hide Comments button. This will only hide them from your view, but if you feel your board is too cluttered with comments, you can always hide them to get them out of your way.

By clicking on the comments in the side menu, you will be taken to the location of that comment and you can delete the comments one at a time like this. I think this would be best if there is one or more specific comments you want to delete.

If you have set up a framework that you are looking to reuse, you might just have to delete each comment individually before using this framework again. But if that is the case, save the template when it is blank, or create a staging board for yourself so you won’t go through this again!

I hope this helps!


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Hi @sim panaser,

Just in case you mean our Chat feature (not Comments), you are right, you can only delete your own messages and not the entire chat with all messages. I think it can be a good idea for the Wish List :relaxed: