can't move table to back to get at assets on it

  • 17 June 2024
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I keep selecting “send to back” for table but no matter what I can’t click the squares I have on/in the table. I need to select those squares so that I can move them. I also can’t move the table out of the way because the squares move with them. help!

1 reply

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@Jay Haque - Hopefully you have figured this out by now, but from the scenario you are describing, I would expect that should be using the Bring to front action on the table, so that it is at the highest level, i.e., is in front of all other objects, making the entire table accessible for editing.

If you are still experiencing an issue, some screenshots could help the Community to better understand what could be causing the issue. A screen is even more helpful in most instances.

If you’re looking for a quick screensharing solution, Loom is free and quite easy to user and share a link to a video.