Can I see historical logs of who has viewed a board and when?

  • 28 October 2020
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I invited a guest to view one of my boards. They say they’ve viewed it but I’m not convinced. Is there a historical log of who has viewed a board and when? As I understand the Activity Logs only relate to changes on the board.



8 replies

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@Robert Dunbar - You are correct. The Activity List logs only show changes to the board, not “views”.

Even the Enterprise Plan audit logs to not appear to go to the view level.


The audit logs include records about the following categories of the events:

Account Administration

  • Change a company profile
  • Enable, disable or change SSO/SAML settings
  • Enable, disable or change sharing policy
  • Create or delete a team
  • Change team profile
  • Change team invitation settings and sign up mode

User Management

  • Invite a new team member
  • Change user role
  • Delete a user from a team or from a company

Boards and Templates

  • Create or delete a board/template
  • Rename a board/template
  • Share a board, enable public or team sharing for a board
  • Move board to another account or another project
  • Enable or disable Slack notifications for a board
  • Change a board owner


  • Create or delete a project
  • Share a project
  • Change a project owner


  • Sign in
  • Failed to sign in
  • Sign out
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@Robert Dunbar -

Unfortunately not. Even if you were on the Enterprise plan, the audit logs available would not show view access to a board. I’m sure this information is available as you can certainly see who is “in” a board at a given time frame so it would be a relatively simple matter for Miro developers to add such a feature. I’d suggest adding it as a Wish List topic following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro


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for consultant plans it really would be nice to see basic access information, even if it is super basic.

 even something like ”Anonymous user open board from ip: @ 8:12PM PST”

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@Constructive Realities -

You could go to the Active Users view and see when a “named” user was last active but it wouldn’t show you which board they were active on.


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I would also like to track viewer numbers to the board. Trying to figure out the most efficient way to get some numbers.

I would also like to track viewer numbers to the board. Trying to figure out the most efficient way to get some numbers.

Yea, please dev add this function!



I would also love a feature like this to understand if my clients and customers have interacted with boards I have set up for them, it would be super-useful!


A log of sign ins would be amazing to track viewing numbers!