Can I fill Billing Information before purchase?



Can I fill Billing Information before purchase?

I am planning to upgrade my account but Billing menu is invisible on settings and also there is no Billing Inputs on payment screen (there is a just country and postal code inputs but others are missing), this is confusing.


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@Enes Geven - This is not possible as the Billing tab only appears on paid plans.

I just started the upgrade my Free Plan team and it looks like street number and name is not required by Stripe (for Canada at least) in order to make a purchase. If you are just looking for somewhere to enter more information before clicking the Purchase button, if you aren't asked for it at checkout, it isn't needed.

Creating a new team vs. upgrading

By the way, you should be able to keep your existing Free Plan team rather then upgrading it. Why would you want to do this? You could keep it it as a space to invite friends or family to collaborate on boards as it will still be free to do this in your Free Plan team.

You can create a new team using the Add teams button from your Miro dashboard. When you click this button you will be asked to enter a team name and will then be taken to a page where you can choose the plaid plan and how many members will be on this new team:



@Robert Johnson Thank you, I need invoice after purchase but if I did not fill Billing Information how the invoice will create? mostly online platforms requesting payment and billing information together or even first billing information but on miro this is different and confusing. Did you get your invoice after purchase? Thank you

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@Enes Geven - As soon as I paid, I received an receipt by email. Once I was on a paid account, I have the Billing screen which a few tabs:

Invoices - where I can download a PDF version of past invoices:


Settings - Where I can enter addition billing information, which will appear on all ALL invoices including past ones. So, if you were to sign up, and and then enter your billing info on the Settings tab, and then go to the Invoices tab, you can download a PDF invoice that will have the information on it that you just entered on the Settings tab:


@Robert Johnson thank you so much for detailed answer, so I can edit my billing information after  purchase and invoices ( ALL invoices including past ones ) will be update.