BUG: Duplicated objects can't be un-done, leaves overlapping mess

  • 25 September 2023
  • 1 reply

Recently (~Sep 23) when duplicating a bunch of objects (boxes, labels, connecting arrows) in a large board and trying to move them, mid-drag they jump back to their duplicated location and deselect. The duplicate is not in the undo history. Cleaning up is laborious as the duplicates overlap the originals and lost selection. Typical repro for this is:

  1. Large board, select a bunch of objects.
  2. Ctrl+D to duplicate
  3. Quickly grab the duplicates and drag them away (e.g. to open space)

RESULT: After a slight delay the drag gets interrupted, the duplicates are deselected, undo doesn’t remove the duplicates.

EXPECTED: Should be allowed to continue the drag to move the duplicates out of the way, they should remain selected, the duplicate (and move) should be in the undo history.

This is running in the Windows Desktop App.


1 reply

I’m seeing this, too. Super annoying and really not keen to copy/recreate my entire board to work around it.