Boards on windows got suddenly laggy and low quality

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So, everything was all right for a while, but at one moment I noticed that boards just became not as smooth as before. To add to that some elements started rendering in lower quality.
For example here is a mind map root before: 

And here is now:


Interestingly enough, when I create a new board in new tab via and add a new element - it seems to be working fine and if I go to my other board using the same browser tab it all works fine, but as soon as I open board in separate tab - it gets laggy and “edgy”. Even completely empty board. Tested on Chrome and Brave browsers. Issue also occurs in Windows app.

No issue on iPad app though.

Anyone has any ideas how to fix that? :) 
I already tried: cleaning all cookies, cleaning application storage in browser, resetting and reinstalling windows app. No luck so far.

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@Nekronavt - I had a similar experience about 12 days ago. When I opened a support ticket, I was told:

Although I couldn't precisely reproduce the issue on our end, it may be connected to the recent update that is available only for the Free teams at the moment.

The issue was happening on my Business Plan and not a Free Plan team. While I was not told what the update was, I was asked if the issue was happening on a separate display to my device, which it was - a monitor connected to a docking station which is connected to my laptop (Windows 11).

After this comment, I checked the quality while using laptop and it wasn't as bad/jagged as when being viewed on an external display. This leads me to believe the "change" could be related to rendering on external displays (pure speculation).

By the way, the issue appears to only be targeting vector objects. And I did not experience any "laggy" or "slow" behavior - just the rough/jagged edges as you have shown.

Then, earlier today, I received a message that the issue was supposed to be fixed. While it does seem a bit better, things still seem a bit jagged.

What is your set up?

- Windows version? (I am Windows 12 on a Dell, with a Dell dock via USB type-C to Philips 23.5-in monitors via HDMI and DisplayPort). And my display scaling is set to 100%. 

- Are you using external display? What zoom level was your board at (roughly) when you took that mind map node screenshot?

- Which plan type are using? If paid have you reported it to support?

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@Robert Johnson hi!

I am on Windows 10 on PC (ASUS motherboard) with two monitors connected via HDMI and DisplayPort directly to graphics card (RTX2060). Display scaling is also 100% for both monitors and they are identical.

Zoom level on the screenshot is 100%.

I am using a Starter paid plan and for some reason it didn't came to me that I can actually write to tech support which I’ll totally do if issue will persist tomorrow. Thank you for a hint :)

Zooming In/Out (using the buttons in bottom right) is very laggy from this morning. Was fine yesterday.

Zooming via scroll wheel is less laggy.

Panning around the board is fine.

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Issue persists for me. I contacted support but yet to hear from them.