Auto shape numbering / ID allocation for referencing

  • 30 July 2021
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Greetings all.


I’m new to Miro and have searched around but cannot find any way of doing this.  Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

For process mapping, I want to be able to automatically allocate a unique reference number / ID number to shapes and connection lines on a board.  Primarily, I am thinking about flowchart diagrams and creating process flows with each shape / connection line being allocated a unique reference number.  This would allow non-Miro to Miro referencing in documentation with clearly identified target elements linking the non-Miro document content to the shapes and connections on the Miro board.

For (very simple) example, let’s say I have a process flow for user registration.  The first three shapes would represent 1) User inputs data into website reg form: 2) System captures data and stores in database: 3) System validates data…..   Now, if I want to create a (non-Miro) reference document which details the content of the reg form, where the data elements are located in the database, what is valid for each data element I then also want to be able to say ‘This text in the non-Miro documentation relates to this specific shape / connection on the Miro board.  

Of course it is possible to manually allocate a shape / connection reference but that’s a pain and difficult to track with larger boards.

Is there a way to do this or, if not, is it something that would be useful or am I trying to engineer something that should be done a different way?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.



7 replies

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@Andrew -

There’s no out of the box way to do this with Miro, but it should be feasible if you wanted to develop an add-on using the Miro API.


i need this too for referencing post it notes on a spreadsheet. i bet the post it nots already have IDs, if they could be surfaced that would great.

I’ve just remembered you can create a hyperlink to an object on a page so rather than a number reference you could use a hyperlink.

Hello, any updates on this feature ? Is it available?

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Just like @KUX says above, you can create an individual link to any object on a board. If you do this, then the URL can act as an ID. :slight_smile:


I created a wish list item for this; feel free to vote on it:

There is also another one for auto-numbering stickies:




Hi, is there any update on that function? Number flowchart would be very helpful as the boxes are moving and inserted, so the dynamic numbering with a link to text boxes where the legend/explanation would be would very useful.