All the content in my templates are replaced

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I am back again with the issue related to my original post. This time it is bit different. Recently,  I created 3 different templates with different contents.   After couple of days, when I went to reuse the templates, the content has been totally replaced with something else. All 3 of them have exactly the same content but from the first MIRO board that I created after subscribing to MIRO.

The painfully created content is gone.  Can someone help me?  

The content has been replaced by the board that created the issue related to the topic I raised months ago. Somehow these are related to each other.

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@Venky_nk - I have been using Miro for over three years and apart from any known technical issues that Miro has experiences, I have never had content change on its own.


  • Are you referring to Custom Templates - a paid feature, or are you calling “objects on a board”, “templates”?
  • What plan type are you using?
  • How many other teams members are on your team?
  • Are any of your board’s Share settings set to Anyone with the link → Can edit?
  • Could someone else have access to your Miro account? Has it been a while since you have changed your password?
  • What does the Activity List show?
  • Do you leave the Miro board open in a browser tab for long periods of time?
  • Does anyone else have access to your computer?
  • Do you sign out of Miro when you are not using it?

Hi @Robert Johnson  Looks like you seem to be having a good experience with MIRO. I am on a paid plan for my business and using it since the last 3 months or so.  For me, pretty much from the beginning the issue with deletion of data is a problem.

In fact, I have told them the issue as well. I have the data to prove why it deletes the data. But looks like they might not have fixed it.

  • For the first data deletion issue is when you make changes to the MIRO app on Mac and then after a few days, if you try to edit the same on the web version of MIRO, it deletes/modifies some stuff. In my case, it deleted all the content. Luckily, I was able to retrieve it.
  • However, this time, I created a custom template based on a training I was doing. I saved it with <Name V1.0>.  After couple of days, I created another template, this time, I used the same name but with suffix V2.0 and subsequently another one with V3.0 as suffix.
  • After 2 days, I wanted to review the V3.0, then the content was replaced totally by the first MIRO board that I had created 5 months ago.  I was worried. So, I wanted to save myself so, opened V2.0. I noticed that It had replaced the content on this as well with the same first board content. Same thing with V1.0 as well.
  • This cannot be an accident. There is some deep flaw with MIRO. Remember, After the first fiasco trying to use MIRO App, I lost the content right? so, I stopped using the miro App. All this thing was done purely on the web version.
  • No one has access to my miro board. I am the only admin.  However, when I do the trainings, I create a new board, provide access to whoever is there. Once the training is done, they lose the access.  
  • I keep the MIRO board open for a long time as I use it every day. I keep running it most part of the day.
  • The activity shows only the cards that I had added as a template but the content seems to be replaced 
  • This is how I created the template:  I did some demo to the client from a brand new MIRO board. At the end, I clicked the Uparrow from the top left hand corner and “save as template”. 






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@Venky_nk123 - If Miro support cannot find the cause, hopefully someone out there on this forum may think of something that no one lese has yet. Until then, if you can narrow down 100% repeatable steps, then I would suggest sending those to the Miro support team to see if they can recreate (and fix) the issue.