Adobe CC files not showing up

  • 12 May 2022
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I’m trying to upload my AI file file through the Adobe CC app, however, none of my files that are saved in my adobe creative cloud are showing up. I tried to restart both programs but it doesn’t help… 

Can someone please help? 




7 replies

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@Emily Ma - If your files are .ai, then they are not supported file formats for upload to Miro boards - more on this in the Supported file types Help Center article.

If you are attempting to share these files from a Miro board, you could try renaming the files to a supported file type before uploading, or just sharing them via a link on the board, e.g., Google Drive or Dropbox.

i also have files that are in my Adobe cloud that are psd and they aren’t showing up either. I saw that in the support file types include psd files. 


Also, I was wondering… so even if I could upload from my Adobe cloud, am I going to be able to edit on photoshop and the change would show up on Miro as well? 

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@Emily Ma - My bad - I missed the key word of “app”. To confirm, you are using Miro’s Adobe Creative Cloud app? I have never used this. Have you also had a look through the Adobe Creative Cloud Help Center article? I am just about to take the baby for a walk, back in a bit!

Yup, it’s the Adobe CC app on Miro like below. I thought it would be something that i’m not doing correctly in Miro since i can see my files fine on Adobe Cloud outside of Miro. 


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@Emily Ma - A few more questions since if the Miro support team need to get involved they will likely ask you this too.

Are you following these same steps in this video to add your Adobe files to the Miro board?

And considering the steps in the video, what is not working? E.g., is it the very last step where you select "Open"?

Hi robert, what video? did you attach a video? The screenshot was from here: 

The step that’s not working for me is here… when i have this window open as below, it says i have NO FILES but I do.  


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@Emily Ma - My apologies - I forgot to include the link (I have corrected it above). Here is the video I was referring to →

Two last questions:

  1. Did you go through this step and were successfully able to authorize the Miro app with your Adobe Creative Cloud account?


  2. Has this worked for you int he past or is this the first time you are setting this up?