Adding visitor name in enterprise plan

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi Miro community,

Our plan was upgraded to enterprise recently and I was wondering why visitors cannot add their name anymore. I´m also the company admin and I have not found any settings to enable this feature again. There was no problem in the past when we were using the conultant plan. Since we are using miro with clients (anyone with the link → can edit) quite often plus with large groups the visitor-name-feature was a big plus. It would not be an alternative to invite those persons as “guests” or something else.

Any ideas?


1 reply

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@Antoine_de_saint - Looking at the Visitor Names help center article I see:

Visitor names

Invite people on public boards in Miro and enable the option to specify their real names - the quickest and easiest way to identify and collaborate with non-registered visitors.

💡 Learn how to give access to visitors in this article.
Available for: users enrolled in the Smart Meetings beta. Note that the feature is not available on Miro boards embedded into other applications.

Since you are on a paid subscription, I would suggest reaching out directly to Miro support to confirm the above, and to inquire about joining the Smart Meetings beta.